Established in 1991, to provide computer consulting, Sigrid Company expanded to include custom software development.

Out of personal need, we developed our first general release software application, Util5k. As the name implies, Util5k was a utility application to load an amateur repeater controller with a command file using the DTMF capability of a standard modem.

Building on the success of Util5k, Prog7k expanded the scope and feature set to include automatic CW character look up as well as repeater speech vocabulary word code conversion. No more tedious looking up words from a long list of of codes. Prog7k worked with a modem or a custom designed DTMF encoder, (DTMF_TXer) that connected to the printer port of the users PC.

Previous development projects include dTerm, a custom keyboard to keyboard messaging application for Mac OS X and Icom D-Star radio technology using the low bit rate integrated voice and data mode. C7330, (formerly Prog7330) command file processor for the S-COM 7330 repeater controller. C7330 is available for the Mac OSX & Windows.

Our most recent product, P7330 provides a GUI based utility to configure and program the S-COM 7330 repeater controller.

Located in North East Ohio, Sigrid Company LLC is staffed by mostly the owner, sometimes family members, and is under the supervision of the house cat, Columbine.

Incidentally, Sigrid was the dog...

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